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Where to buy Holle, HiPP and Lebenswert formula in the US (a trustworthy vendor!)

Holle, HiPP, Lebenswert in the US

Many of you know that when I had Layla, breastfeeding was not easy. I stuck with it for as long as I could but eventually I needed to supplement with formula.

And after a ton of research, I came up with this list of the best organic formulas for your baby. Last year, I began a screening process to find the most trustworthy online vendor that I could feel comfortable recommending as a place to buy HiPP, Holle, and Lebenswert in the US.

My search led me to Organic Start and Organic Start WholesaleThey sell all of the best European baby formulas in bulk and have FREE shipping to the US!

I have spoken with Peter, the owner of Organic Start, multiple times over the past year and after researching him and his business thoroughly, I feel confident in recommending Organic Start as a resource for purchasing HiPP, Lebenswert, and Holle in the US. Peter is a father of triplets who is passionate about making the best European formulas available in the US. Organic Start also sells Topfer, Goat Milk Formula, Anti-Reflux, and Hypoallergenic Formula. After working with Peter over the past couple years, I can confidently say that formulas purchased from Organic Start are safe, authentic, and reliable. Note: If you’re looking to buy HiPP UK, HiPP Dutch, HiPP GermanyHolleLebenswert or Holle Goat Formula in BULK (with a bulk discount!) I highly recommend Organic Start Wholesale. (The wholesale arm of Organic Start).

1) Organic Start’s founder, Peter, is a health-minded father of triplets. When his children were infants, he and his wife had to supplement with formula, but his babies didn’t respond well to the options available in the US. Everything changed for the better when they found HiPP and Holle formula. Organic Start grew out of their mission to get the best formula to the U.S. to feed their own babies.

Here’s a quote from Peter: “My family was in the European food business owning several brick and mortar European stores in the past in Astoria, Queens, NY. We have a network of importers and this was my obvious choice to go to my family and ask to import formula for my babies to save money since I had triplets. I then sold so much to friends and family that the obvious choice was to adapt my online skills, with my family skills, and create Organic Start and Organic Start Wholesale.”

2) Peter is from a family of importers, so he’s able to effectively source large quantities of formula directly from Europe. He sent me documentation and photos to verify the supply chain. Also, you can be sure the formula isn’t irradiated because they ship through containers (not air) 90% of the time. Sometimes they do ship in through air if they are running low for some units. In that case, they put in paperwork asking not to be irradiated due to the nature of the product and that has worked.


3) Organic Start and Organic Start Wholesale will always have formula in stock! Peter has been working over the past year to beef up his supply chain to help make this happen.

4) Organic Start is based in Astoria, New York. If you contact them, you’ll get a response quickly and from someone who actually works at the company (vs. a call center!)

Please note that The Picky Eater is not responsible for the quality of either the formula itself or the experience of ordering from Organic Start and Organic Start Wholesale. I am simply saying that based on my research, if I were buying a European formula for my own child, I would feel 100% comfortable getting it from Organic Start, and they would be my go-to source of ordering European formula. This post contains affiliate links. 

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59 responses to “Where to buy Holle, HiPP and Lebenswert formula in the US (a trustworthy vendor!)”

  1. We purchase Lebenswert stage 1 and 2 from and couldn’t be happier with the products received.
    This company is wonderful! I had an issue with delivery of my first order, it was accidentally left outside the wrong apartment, and they reimbursed my entire cost. I was so pleased with their customer service that I felt more than comfortable going back to them for future orders – they follow through on their commitment to offer quality products and ship them to the US with no hassle, and it’s made all the difference!
    It’s by far the best formula we’ve tried (and we’ve tried quite a few organic formulas from the US). It dissolves easilly, and it’s friendly on our little one’s digestive system. In terms of cost, the total including shipping costs, is quite comparable to what I was paying for organic formula here in the States, so the choice for us to keep going back to Organic Baby was an easy one!

    • That’s good to know Diana! Leb is a great choice – and I’m glad you’ve found a vendor that works well for you! One issue with Organic Baby that I’ve heard is that they don’t offer free shipping to everywhere in the US. I had a reader in Oregon who tried to order just one box from them and it cost $32 in shipping (for a $28 box of formula!) That’s why I recommend Organic Munchkin – they offer free shipping to anywhere in the US!

  2. HI Anjali,
    Thanks for this post! It was a challenge to get Hipp in the US when my son was born. It is great to know that it wont be an issue when our second one arrives!…My question to you is do you still think that HIPP or Holle are the best choices out there or fast forward three years would you rate the formulas differently?

    • Hi Shwetha! No problem at all! Glad you found this post helpful 🙂 I would still recommend HiPP and Holle as great choices, but more specifically now the Dutch version of HiPP is the best one out there (the Germany and UK versions of HiPP are still good but the Dutch one is just a little bit better 🙂 ), and Lebenswert is actually better than regular Holle, and now there is a new formula – Topfer that’s just as good as the Dutch version of HiPP and Lebenswert! So those would be my top 3 formula options now, but regular HiPP and Holle are still also great options. Hope that helps!

      • Thanks for letting me know about organicmunchkin. I just purchased the Hipp Dutch formula from them to supplement in addition to breastfeeding my son. He seems to really like it! The issue I am now having is that organic munchkin is now out of stock of this formula. I can’t seem to get a response from them on when they anticipate more stock. Did you run into this problem with them?

        • Hi Jennifer! I’m so glad you were able to buy HiPP Dutch and that it worked for your son! That is so strange that Organic Munchkin is out of stock and that you weren’t able to contact them. I’m reaching out to them now, will let you know what they say!

          • Hi Jennifer! Just wanted to give you a quick update here. Peter – the owner of Organic Munchkin – just got back to me. He said he never got your email which is so strange! But he did say that the Dutch version of HiPP has been in great demand, which is why they are out of stock. They actually have a huge shipment of Dutch HiPP – literally thousands of boxes in their US warehouse currently, but they have to wait to post them on their site until they have received customs and FDA clearance. That clearance could take another day or several weeks to come through, so they are waiting to open it up until they get the clearance. If you need it urgently, I’d suggest buying the UK version — otherwise just know that the Dutch formula is here in the US and just needs a few weeks max until it’ll be available for purchase again! Thanks!

            • Thanks so much Anjali! You are amazing! I think I was having an issue with my e-mails going out on my new phone. This is fantastic news! I have enough formula for a couple more weeks as I am supplementing in addition to breastfeeding/pumping right now. My son recently started eating a little more though, so he is drinking the formula a little sooner than originally planned.
              Definitely placing an order as soon as I see the formula available on their website. I really like the tin container, so I’ll try to hold out for the Dutch type.

              Thanks again!!

              • Aw no problem at all! I’m so glad it was helpful! And oh good – that’s great you have enough for a few weeks. You should be totally fine then – hopefully they’ll get clearance soon and you’ll be able to order the rest of the formula you need! I agree with you too, I like Dutch HiPP the best (both ingredients wise and container wise!) 🙂

                • Now both the Dutch and U.K. Stage 1’s and 2’s are both out of stock. I’m worried that this formula may be too tough to obtain!

                  • Hi Jennifer! Peter at Organic Munchkin assures me that he has thousands of boxes waiting in his warehouse to be cleared by the FDA so he can post them online. It’s not so much the supply as much as it is the long waiting period by the FDA when getting the formula. He is working to get this supply chain issue resolved very soon. In the meantime I would order the German version of the formula – it’s very comparable to the Dutch/UK versions! Or you could always go with Leb which is great too! Hope that helps!

  3. Hi Anjali,
    What makes you think, the dutch hipp is better then the uk/ german one?
    Have you really compared the ingredients??
    I did, and do not find any difference beside the size!
    Please explain what makes you think that??
    Thank you Helga

    • Hi Helga! Great question! The differences are very subtle but they are there. The German version of HiPP has “starch” added as an ingredient, the UK and Dutch versions do not. You can see the German ingredients list here. For Stage 1, the UK and Dutch versions are pretty much the same, but for Stage 2, the UK version has “soy lecithin” as an added ingredient – emulsifier, but the Dutch version for Stage 2 doesn’t have that. You can see the UK Stage 2 ingredients here, and the Dutch Stage 2 ingredients here. Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions!

  4. Hi Anjali! I think you are amazing! The research you’ve done has me immensely. My son is 4 months old and I’ve had to supplement since he was 3 weeks old, unfortunately I am not producing enough milk. One night when he was so frustrated and hungry, before I truly knew he wasn’t getting enough to eat, I gave him a sample I had of Similac’s Supplementation Formula. He did fine with it so I kept him on it for about 3 weeks, always thinking I should go organic, but he was doing well. After a couple weeks I started noticing a chemical smell on him. I knew it was from the formula. How horrible is that?! I started researching on my own and found the Honest Company. We’ve been on their formula for a couple months but I have never been all the way satisfied. Still feeling that there was something better out there. The chemical smell was gone almost instantly when I switched… I just ordered Lebenswert and am so excited to try it! I also want to try the Dutch version of HIPP when OrganicMunchkin gets it back in stock. Their free shipping is such a plus! Long story short, thank you so much for your insight and research, I am very grateful ~

    • Awww thanks so much Sarah!! I’m so glad this post helped you through finding the best formula for you and your little one. I agree – the non-organic traditional formulas can definitely have weird side effects (like the smell you mentioned!) I’m sure Leb and the Dutch version of HiPP will both work great for your son 🙂 Let me know if you have any questions and keep me posted on how things go!

  5. Hi! I just bought lebenswert from organic munchkin and im excited to try it for my baby since i cant produce milk even though i tried everything. Anyway i just wanna ask about the Hipp issue, a study says it contains high aluminum. Is it true? They dont know why maybe because of its container. How about the dutch version? I really wanna know cause at first i wanted to try Hipp but when i read about the issue i bought lebenswert instead. Thank you!

    • Hi Sasa! The short answer is – for HiPP – the aluminum shouldn’t be an issue – the one study that was done was totally inconclusive (as far as I can tell). Here are the details:
      – The study was done in 2013 and it’s unclear whether 1) it’s still an issue for HiPP and 2) whether Holle and all of the other formulas had the same issue (since, like you said they weren’t tested)
      – Apparently all of the aluminum levels were all within current guideline limits and there was no evidence they were harmful to children, especially since there is aluminum in drinking water/etc.
      – We contacted HiPP and here is what they said: “HiPP analyses all the critical raw materials for aluminum contamination on a very regular basis and selects the raw materials with the lowest levels possible to ensure we are providing the safest products possible for babies. The level in our products is kept as low as technically and practicably possible. The level of aluminum in raw materials fluctuates widely as it is an abundant metal in the earth, and this is something we have little control over. The levels of aluminum mentioned in the published studies only show a ‘snap-shot’ of levels in products and other batches of products, not tested, could very easily have much lower levels. At HiPP we have done analysis of final products and generally the content of aluminum has been found to below the detection limit of 0.5mg/kg powder (much lower than the values found in the study).” They also sent along a statement issued by the SNE (former: IDACE) concerning aluminum in infant nutrition. You can also read more about it here:
      Based on all of this, I didn’t see the aluminum as a big issue. But ultimately – I’d say go with whichever formula you are the most comfortable with – both Lebenswert and HiPP are great and much better than the options in the US! Hope that helps!

  6. Anjali,

    Thanks for all your research, and all you do. Keep up your fabulous posts.
    Organic munchkin has been out of stock for the HiPP Dutch version for a while now. So I’ve been giving my 11-month son the HiPP stage 2 UK follow on milk in the interim as well as mixing in the the Plum Organic (newborn to 12 months) when I can’t get the HiPP shipped fast enough. Do you think at 12 months organic grass fed whole milk during the day and HiPP Dutch Stage 3 (or if it’s sold out, the U.K. Stage 3 Growing up Milk) at night and in the morning would be a nutritious diet? Or do you think ALL formula bottles (no whole milk) would be more nutritious for a 12 month old? Do you think the Plum Organics (found at Whole Foods) is a good alternative to the Stage 3 when the HiPP can’t be shipped fast enough?
    Thanks for your opinions. Much appreciated!

    • Hi Karenann! No problem at all! I’m so glad my post was helpful for you! 🙂 So for your son, at 12 months, I’d recommend switching him completely to Organic Grass Fed Whole Milk — he doesn’t actually need any formula after 1 year of age. He’ll get all the nutrition he needs from the Organic Whole Milk, and it’ll be much cheaper and easier for you as well (no more mixing formula bottles – yay!). For my daughter, I gave her HiPP stage 1 from 0-6 months, HiPP follow on milk from 6-12 months, and then organic whole milk from 12 months onwards. Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

  7. I ordered Holle baby formula 1 and some Holle cereals from I am very satisfied and had all the products delivered to the US within 13 days. At the beginning me and my husband considered that the products will ship from a US warehouse. After noticing that I wrote an email to neogno asking for the estimated delivery time. The answer was promptly and the delivery time was estimated to 15 days. Since we paid much less than any other shop out there we decided to wait until the parcel arrives. Everything was packed with care and our lo is very happy and sleeps like an angel now.

  8. I have my 5.5 month baby on the U.K. Version of hipp and she keeps on having really loose stools and very frequently. What about the Dutch version what is it called? I heard that this one has both probiotics and prebiotic in it and no starch please help! Is it true? Other information says it only has probiotics and starch and no prebiotic? So confused y

    • Hi Ali! The UK Stage 1 version of HiPP and the Dutch Stage 1 version of HiPP are almost identical. Both the UK and Dutch versions don’t have starch (only the German Stage 1 version of HiPP has starch in it). The main difference between the UK and Dutch Stage 1 versions of HiPP is that the UK version only has prebiotics, but the Dutch version has both prebiotics and probiotics. If your baby is having loose stools, you may want to try switching to the Dutch version of HiPP as the additional probiotics can help. Or you could stick with the UK version of HiPP and just supplement with probiotics (I like Jarrow Formulas for Infants). Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions!

  9. Be bought Holle from Beyond Organic Baby and they are the worst. Got some packages that were totally rancid (the baby alerted us by not taking it) and contacted them with no answers. Had to throw everything away (a lot of money).

    No problem so far with Organic Munchkin.

    I suggest that you always try the milk yourselves when you open a new box.

    • Hi Ralph! That is good to know about Beyond Organic Baby – that’s why they are not one of the sellers I recommend. I’m glad you are having a good experience with Organic Munchkin! In all of the vetting I’ve done, they are great!

    • Hi Ximena! Yes absolutely – they are extremely reputable and I know the owner personally. But right now they are only selling to existing customers, so if you don’t already have an account I’d recommend Organic Baby Food who is another super reliable and reputable seller of European formulas. They are based in Germany but ship to the US for free. Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions!

  10. Thank you so much for this post! Very helpful information. Do you use any other vendors other than organic munckin? They aren’t taking any new customers. Also do you think DHA is needed in formula? I can’t decide between Dutch Hipp or Lebenswert. If I went with Leb is it good to supplement DHA?
    Thank you for any help! You are so knowledgeable and have done such through research.

    • Hi Lydia! So yes – I’d highly recommend Organic Baby Food – they are very reputable and ship free to the US 🙂 Regarding DHA — it’s not necessary for it to be included in formula if you can remember to supplement daily with it 🙂 If you do use Leb I’d add Nordic Naturals Infant DHA to your baby’s formula or food. Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions!

        • No problem at all! So glad it was helpful – I’m sure you’ll have a good experience with them but if you have any issues at all let me know!

  11. Anjali,

    Thank you for all your thorough and exhaustive research for us discerning parents! It is an amazing resource for our family. My wife is unable to breastfeed as she is a breast cancer survivor (we celebrate 10 years of cancer free in August!!!). So unfortunately she is unable to breastfeed which has put us on a mission to find the very best, clean formula for our now 12 day old boy (who we call our miracle baby!) We started with Holle from Beyond Organic Baby (won’t use them anymore based on the feedback here). However we want to get the HIPP Dutch stage 1 for him based on the terrific information you have put forth for us. Many of the shipping vendors listed are out of stock or not taking new customers. Sad what our FDA is doing!

    We came across this vendor…. Is this a reputable, trustworthy US vendor in your opinion? My lovely wife and I wanted to hear your thoughts on them based on your relationships with the many owners of these operations.

    Thanks for all you do!! It is truly a relief to find such a terrific, knowledgeable expert in this area!

    Phil & Lori

    • Hi Phil and Lori! First of all, thank you so much for sharing your amazing story with me!! That is absolutely incredible – Lori congratulations on being 10 years cancer free – what an inspiring milestone!! 🙂 So yes, for HiPP Dutch Stage 1 – I think Formuland might be the only one selling it (since Organic Baby Food only sells German HiPP). I only know of one or two people who have ordered from Formuland but it seems like they have both had good experiences. I don’t have any contacts at Formuland so I can’t vouch for them personally but I also haven’t heard anything negative from readers who have ordered from them! So I’d say give it a shot 🙂 If it doesn’t work out you can always get German HiPP or Lebenswert from Organic Baby Food! Hope that helps and congratulations on your little one! Let me know if you have any other questions in the meantime!

  12. Hi there. I really appreciate all of your research. It’s scary to order products from companies and not be able to fully verify they send the products they claim. I’ve ordered from BabyKind Market and had a good experience. Any thoughts on that company? In the future I will order from Peter and Baby Munchkin as that entity seems fully vetted.

    • Hi Ellen! I have also heard good things about BabyKind from other parents, so they are probably fine to order from. But Organic Start Wholesale is actually much cheaper than BabyKind – which is why I’d recommend going with them if you’re ok with buying formula in bulk! Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

  13. Hi! Thank you for this blog…its been super helpful! I ordered from MyOrganicFormula and I got my package but it shipped from Chatsworth, CA which made me start to question the authenticity. I emailed the company for verification on the authenticity of my Holle Formula and am still waiting on a response. Are you still able to vouch for them? Im a first time mom and just a little weary. I want to give my LO the best possible 🙂

    • Hi Ewa! I am able to vouch for MyOrganicFormula — they are based in the US so I’m not surprised your formula shipped from California 🙂 The company has recently changed owners so they might be slightly delayed in responding — have they gotten back to you yet? Let me know! Hope that helps!

  14. Hi
    I want suggestion for baby formula.My 3 month old baby is always gassy.So I decided that holle would be best for her after browsing internet .As you mentioned that dutch version of hipp is better I want to know whether it is best option or holle for gassy baby

    • Hi Sahitya! So yes, Dutch HiPP should be better for a gassy baby than Holle – I have heard that babies do better on Dutch HiPP. But actually, even better than Dutch HiPP might be HiPP Comfort – which is specifically for helping gassy babies. Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

      • Thank you for the information and can you let me know for how many days we have to wait to see the results after changing formula

        • No problem! I’d say about a week or so – you should see results once your baby’s body adjusts to the new formula. Hope this helps your little one have less gas! But some babies are just gassy for the first 3-4 months and no formula really helps – so that’s something to keep in mind. And if that’s the case I’d suggest gas drops and gripe water to help your baby stay comfortable!

          • thank you for prompt more doubt my doctor suggested probiotics daily once.Can i mix with milk or what are the options .

            • No problem! And yes you can add probiotics directly into the formula! Jarrow Formulas has a great infant probiotics that you can use 🙂

    • Hi Viktoria! So sorry I don’t have any experience with this seller so I can’t vouch for them! Maybe someone else has though!

  15. I just received our order of Holle Stage 1. I bought from OrganicBabyShop based on Maia’s recommendation. The website was great and our formula shipped quickly. I feel good about it but would love more feedback from people.

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